DASCOM 3″ Mobile Printer DP-530

• Dascom – DP-530 Mobile Printer | Thermal Printers
• Whether receipts or labels – with the Tally Dascom DP-530 models you can concentrate entirely on your task and not on the printer.



Mobile Printer DP-530

Technology Direct thermal
Print speed up to 127 mm/sec.
Resolution 203 dpi
Interfaces 1x USB
Optional Bluetooth or WiFi
Emulations ESC/POS, EPL, ZPL,
PostScript, O’Neil, Printek
Print width 72 mm


The Tally Dascom DP-530 range allows you to focus fully on the task at hand rather than the printer being used. These easy-to-use printers make printing jobs child’s play. Although the printer is up to 10% smaller and 40% lighter than comparable models, it makes no compromises. A large number of interfaces and emulations mean that the DP-530/DP-530L can be used in a wide range of environments.

Highlights at a glance

  • Easy-to-read control panel
  • Simple drop-in paper loading
  • High-speed signature printing and extensive font and graphic capabilities
  • Popular printer emulations provide compatibility
  • DP-530 Receipt version / DP-530L Label version
  • IP54 per IEC 529
  • 12/24V vehicle battery cable and 12V cigarette style charger available


  • DP-530 standard model
  • DP-530 BT model with Bluetooth
  • DP-530 WiFi model with WiFi
  • DP-530L label model
  • DP-530L BT label model with Bluetooth
  • DP-530L WiFi label model with WiFi

Models, options and consumables

Model overview

  • Tally Dascom DP-530 (Part-No. 28.909.6145)
  • Tally Dascom DP-530 BT Bluetooth interface (Part-No.28.909.6156)
  • Tally Dascom DP-530 WiFi W-LAN interface (Part-No.28.909.6157)
  • Tally Dascom DP-530L (Part-No.28.910.6145)
  • Tally Dascom DP-530L BT Bluetooth interface (Part-No.28.910.6156)
  • Tally Dascom DP-530L WiFi W-LAN interface (Part-No.28.910.6157)


  • USB cable (Part-No. 093 686)
  • Shoulder carrying strap (Part-No. 092 886)
  • Spacer (Part-No. 099 640)
  • Mount 3″ arm (Part-No. 093 297 )
  • Mount 5,25″ arm (Part-No. 093 301)
  • Mount 3″ arm with Schelle (Part-No. 093 302)
  • Direct mount bracket (Part-No. 093 304)
  • Direct mount bracket with ball (RAM Mount Typ B) (Part-No.093 305)
  • DC converter cable unterminated (12/24 V)1 (Part-No.093 641)
  • In-vehicle adapter for cigarette lighter (12 V) (Part-No.093 445)
  • In-vehicle adapter for cigarette lighter (12/24 V) (Part-No.093 446)
  • AC adapter charge & print (220 V)1 (Part-No.093 633)
  • Battery (Part-No.099 637)
  • 1 bay charger (Part-No.043 008)
  • 2 bay charger (Part-No.043 009)


  • Thermal paper Standard (Art.-Nr 043 153)
  • Thermal paper Premium 10 years (Part-No. 043 154)

Additional information

Printer Size



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