DFI MTH968 System on Module: The Future of AI Computing with Intel’s Latest AI Processors

DFI MTH968 System on Module (SOM): The Future of AI Computing with Intel’s Latest AI Processors

DFI MTH968 System on Module: Revolutionizing AI Edge Computing

As industries across the globe fervently adopt the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence (AI), DFI takes a giant leap forward with its newest release, the DFI MTH968 System on Module (SOM). Tailored for the ever-evolving AI Industrial PC (IPC) market, this innovative module houses Intel’s latest AI processor, setting a new standard for intelligent computing.

DFI MTH968: Unparalleled Computing Power Meets Edge AI

The DFI MTH968 SOM is a game-changer, designed to propel industry applications into a future where decision-making is instantaneous, and efficiency is paramount. This advanced module is the first to amalgamate the capabilities of Intel Core Ultra processors with the specialized Neural Processor Unit (NPU), opening doors to remarkable advancements in edge computing.

The potential for growth in the field of edge AI is immense, with market values predicted to skyrocket from $9 billion in 2020 to a staggering $462 billion by 2030. The DFI MTH968 answers this call, merging the power of CPU, GPU, and NPU into a seamless, single-chip solution that outperforms its predecessors on every front.

DFI MTH968 System on Module (SOM): The Future of AI Computing with Intel’s Latest AI Processors

Specifications: A New Benchmark in Performance

With the DFI MTH968, expect a drastic uplift in performance:

  • It leverages the flexibility of the COM Express Type 6 module standard.
  • Energy consumption drops by 30% to 50%, thanks to the addition of two “low-power, high-efficiency cores.”
  • It boasts a GPU that outdoes its forerunners, enhancing graphics performance by up to 114%.
  • AI tasks are no challenge for the embedded NPU (Neural Processor Unit), making this SOM ideal for complex edge AI processing.

Built for the Extremes

  • Built for harsh environments, its wide temperature design braves conditions from -40°C to just shy of boiling, at 85°C.
  • Dual-channel DDR5 and NVMe SSD integration reduces latency while skyrocketing storage speeds and computing efficiency.
  • All this power is packed into a 95mm * 95mm module, a testament to DFI’s commitment to compact and efficient design.

Application Areas: Where the Future Takes Shape

The DFI MTH968 isn’t just a piece of hardware; it’s the catalyst for transformation in key applications:

  • Industrial Automation: Integrating AI for predictive maintenance, quality control, and robotics.
  • Smart Transportation: Enhancing traffic management, autonomous vehicles, and logistics.
  • Smart Agriculture: AI-powered monitoring and automation for increased crop yield and sustainable practices.
  • Healthcare: Transforming patient care with AI diagnostics and precision medicine.
  • Security: Implementing intelligent surveillance systems for advanced threat detection.

By choosing the MTH968, industry leaders can embrace the full potential of AI, employ advanced edge computing, and leverage remote control technologies to handle complex AI tasks effectively and efficiently.

Harness the Power of AI with DFI

DFI’s MTH968 SOM embeds itself seamlessly into your next project, granting unmatched computational and analytical prowess. It’s not just about staying ahead; it’s about redefining the curve.

DFI MTH968 System on Module (SOM): The Future of AI Computing with Intel’s Latest AI Processors

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DFI MTH968 System on Module: Key Features

  • Intel Core Ultra Processor (Meteor Lake: U/H-series)
  • Dual Channel DDR5 5600MHz SODIMM up to 64GB
  • Multiple Displays: 1 VGA + 1 LVDS/eDP + 3 DDI
  • Supports 4K / 2K resolution
  • Multiple Expansion: 2 PCIe x4, 5 PCIe x1, 1 PCIe x8, 1 I2C, 1 SMBus
  • Rich I/O: 1 Intel 2.5GbE, 2 USB 4.0, 4 USB 3.2, 8 USB 2.0, 2 SATA 3.0
MTH968 5

System-On-Modules and Carrier Boards

Off-the-shelf and reliable System-On-Modules that include COM Express Mini, COM Express Compact, COM Express Basic, and Qseven based on the latest Intel, AMD, and ARM platforms.
COM Express is a highly integrated and compact PC that can be used in a design application much like an integrated circuit component. Most COM Express Modules integrate core CPU and memory functionality, common I/O, USB, audio, graphics and Ethernet.

COM Express Compact

COM Express Compact

COM Express Compact module is designed with computing capability and cost efficiency in a compact form factor with a footprint of 95 x 95 mm, making it the best option for transportation and defence applications. Compact modules are available with COM Express pin-out Type 2 and Type 6.

COM Express Mini

COM Express Mini

COM Express Mini module delivers high performance on a small footprint, which features a 55 x 84 mm size. It is ideal for space-limited, power-saving, and mobile applications. Ultra-small modules are available with COM Express pin-out Type 10.

COM Express Basic

COM Express Basic

COM Express Basic module provides high-level processing performance and high-speed interfaces for a wide range of computing-demand applications such as medical and industrial automation. Basic modules are compatible with COM Express pin-out Type 2, Type 6, and Type 7.

Qseven Modules

Qseven Modules

Qseven is equipped with fast serial interfaces in an ultra-small form factor with a measurement of just 70 x 70 mm. Qseven is much smaller than other system-on-modules, which makes it an ideal solution for space-limited and low power applications.

Smart Display Modules

Smart Display Modules

Intel Smart Display Module is for next generation commercial AIO displays and visual IoT devices. Intel SDM provides the primary compute building block and requires an interface board on the displays or host system to complete platform implementation and provide standard end user physical interfaces.

Carrier Boards

Carrier Boards

Carrier board (also known as base board or evaluation board) offers a flexible engineering development environment for COM Express Type 10, Type 7, Type 6, Type 2, and Qseven. This helps our customers minimize integration requirements while reducing development time and cost.

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