Winmate Class 1 Division 2, Atex Zone 2 and IECEx Certified Modular Designed Panel PCs

Winmate Class 1 Division 2, Atex Zone 2 and IECEx Certified Modular Designed Panel PCs

Winmate C1D2, Zone 2, IECEx Modular Panel PCs

Winmate’s Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) Panel PCs are designed to operate safely and reliably in hazardous environments  where combustible dust, flammable gas or vapours are present.

The units are designed & manufactured with durable industrial-grade components – being operational in diverse temperature ranges.

A Modular Design, Certified for Hazardous Environments

Winmate’s M Series ATEX grade Panel PCs feature a modular design, facilitating computing modules to be interchangeably combined with a variety of display modules to create all round flexible computing solutions.

Class 1 Division 2, ATEX Zone 2, IECEx certified and front IP65 / NEMA 4 compliant – the M Series is built for environments where flammable or explosive vapours/gasses are prevalent, providing credible IT solutions in industries such as the oil & gas, chemical & pharmaceutical manufacturing – or environments where high levels of dust are present.

True flat TFT Screen with an ‘edge-to-edge’ Design

A bonded TFT cover glass cover provides protection from surface scratching and also reduces possible accumulation of dust and liquid. The true-flat surface provides the device with a slim and aesthetically pleasing design, making it stand out amongst general industrial computer designs.

Aluminium Enclosure with Fanless Design

The M-series C1D2 industrial PC is enclosed in an anti-corrosion housing and is of fanless design for energy efficiency, quiet operation and product reliability . They’re ingress protected & certified to IP65 for high resistance to water and dust, whilst retaining a compact and narrow bezel design – making them suitable for deployment where wet and dusty environment are present.

Winmate Class 1 Division 2, Atex Zone 2 and IECEx Certified Modular Designed Panel PCs
Winmate ATEX PPC

Availability and Support

Winmate pride themselves on being one of the best PC & display manufacturers within the industrial market today,  because they design, build, configure and test the complete solution – in short, they take complete ownership for the solutions they offer.  Their robust touchscreen solutions offer flexibility & reliability in diverse environments, having undergone rigorous testing to ensure extended life-time operation and your return on investment.

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