Winmate Medical Displays – 4K UHD and FHD with Perfect Medical Image Reproduction

Winmate Medical Displays

Multi-Touch Medical Displays

Winmate multi-touch medical displays offer flexible ‘human man interfaces’ (HMI) to provide an intuitive way in using your applications that emulate modern day smart phones or tablets via ‘gesturing’  – zooming in or out, tapping, flicking or scrolling.

With their DICOM pre-set modes, Winmate medical displays are uniquely designed to meet the needs of a medical environment where clinical records and medical DICOM images need to be displayed.

Medical Display Features

Winmate Medical Displays - Healthcare approved

Healthcare Approved

Winmate’s Healthcare Display comply with international healthcare and patient safety certifications.

Easy-to-clean Surfaces

Flat surfaces simplify the disinfection process – where cleaning liquids can be used on the screen to ensure hygiene standards at retained and the white-coloured housings makes it easy for users to detect and remove dust.

Winmate Medical Displays - Easy Clean
Winmate Medical Displays - Perfect Image

Perfect Medical Image Reproduction

Via their 4K and full HD (1920 x 1080) display screen resolutions, Winmate’s medical display technologies offer wide-viewing angles to deliver high levels of contrast and colour for accurate & precise viewing of in-surgery operations and clinical diagnosis of still imagery.

Ergonomic Design and Easy Installation

Displays feature a slim and lightweight design that’s compatible with VESA mounting for low-cost installation options, making them applicable to a broad range of applications – mountable either vertically or horizontally to suit their environment.

Winmate Medical Displays - Ergonomic Design
Winmate Medical Displays - pCAP

Intuitive User Controls

pCAP (projective capacitive) multi-touch technology provides for multiple finger input. Display screen interaction can be made via ‘gesturing’ – scroll, tap, zoom in /zoom out for closer analysis of imagery.

Winmate Medical Displays

Medical grade touchscreen monitors certified with the latest UL/cUL60601 (MDR) IEC60601 medical certifications.

BVM Medical and SMART Healthcare Solutions

BVM Medical and SMART Healthcare

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