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Embedded Product Design to Order

BVM’s Embedded Design Services are there to take your ideas from concept to initial designs and prototyping – and turn them into manufacturable products.

Our OEM Embedded Product Design services are adaptable and flexible so they can be applied to a variety of every day industrial application purposes – even harsh environments or specialist use – where operation and maximum up-time in diverse temperature and environmental extremes are unavoidable. Our designs can be made to be shock resistant, dust and waterproof (IP certified) – and optimised for 24/7 running for both hardware and operating system software.

Embedded Product Design is a specialised area that requires trained expertise and the right supporting tools. In addition, there’s also the need for practical knowledge and experience around industrial design, mechanical design, thermal engineering along regulatory certification requirements. For our customers, BVM appreciate that it’s often difficult to obtain all these elements & skills within their respective teams  – and with rapid changes in technology and an ever- shrinking requirement for time to market, this makes the investment in tools, people and infrastructure expensive . That’s where the services of a reliable partner such as BVM can become an immense advantage for our customers.

BVM offers a wide range of Embedded Design Services that are intended towards transforming an idea into a complete product. This includes the determining of system architecture, hardware design, software (operating system) design, mechanical design, prototyping, design validation and pilot production.

With expertise in designing for product life cycle, BVM brings in a wealth of experience in designing products that cut across various domains such as Industrial Automation, IoT and many more.

Through skilled personnel, latest tools, sophisticated lab and trusted eco-system partners, we cater where legacy platforms need to be provided. Our dedicated team, a blend of experience and innovation, has the expertise to handle projects ranging from small form factor designs to multi-system designs.

Embedded Product Design Service

From miniature IoT gateways to complex system designs, BVM are a one-stop-shop for any electronic product design requirement. A provider of ‘first-time right’ designs, we follow proven practices that ensure product quality and extended availabilities. We’ve already undertaken bespoke designs for a number of applications in the following areas :-

  • Embedded System Design – for standard (ambient) and harsh environments
  • System-on-Module Carrier Board Design
  • IOT Gateways and EDGE Device Design
  • Data Acquisition and Server Systems
Embedded Product - DVR

Mechanical Design Services

Our design team helps to realise the right enclosure and all round mechanical design required for a product, consideration to the aesthetics, cost, cooling requirements, durability, ruggedness and safety. Our capabilities include designing of rackmount chassis’, DIN rail systems, system or box type enclosures and handheld/portable enclosures. Elements comprising are mechanical design services – include :-

  • Provision of concept drawings
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Thermal design and to ensure efficiencies for cooling

From Concept, To Design for Manufacture

BVM Products are Designed for Manufacture. Our design team always keeps this important feature in mind throughout the design duration, right from initial concept – and well before any level of product sign off is completed. During the design processes, the design will be refined and honed along the way to make it suitable for repeatable production.

Our designs will always consider:-

  • Set up and tooling costs
  • Volume production costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Environmental effects
Rail PC - Custom Design

BVM’s Design for Manufacture processes will always allow every commercial (and technical) consideration to be identified within design phase, the most cost-effective place to catch & address everything.

BVM Case Studies

  • Case Study: IoT Gateway Device
    BVM Ltd were approached by a global OEM, responsible for producing monitoring & control devices to produce analytics via telemetry.  The client tasked BVM with designing and manufacturing a small IoT (Gateway) device for the purpose of monitoring systems for remote installations. 
  • Case Study: Transportable Control Centre
    An international company, a specialist in providing  AUV (autonomous under water vehicles) had an urgent requirement for a transportable control centre to be designed for a new application.  The application was for the remote control of vehicles being used for harbour and coastal surveillance.
  • Case Study: Seiko Mobile Printer for the L.A. County Sheriffs
    The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is no exception when it comes to cutting red-tape and streamlining process.  In a bid to do both, the LAPD made use of new technology and discovered some unexpected benefits along the way.
  • Case Study: Mobile DASCOM Label Printer
    Bleker Autoteile upgrades to the Tally Dascom DP-530L. Bleker Autoteile are one of the leading suppliers of original spare parts for Citroen, DS Automobiles, Peugeot, Opel, Chevrolet, Renault, Dacia, Nissan, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep.
  • Case Study: Thermal Print Mechanism and Chip for Temperature Monitoring Units
    Our client provides temperature monitoring units for refrigerated vehicles. These compact devices take temperature readings at regular intervals throughout the journey and produce a log of the temperatures alongside the time of each reading.
  • Case Study: Print Solution for Portable Fuel Analyser
    Our client provides laboratory equipment that tests the cleanliness and purity of aviation turbine fuels, making sure that each batch complies to the stringent guidelines of IP 565.
  • Case Study: PCIe Mini-card Carrier Module
    BVM were approached by an existing client to evaluate the possibility of using twelve PCIe mini-cards in a system together with a mid-range graphics card, itself requiring eight PCIe lanes.
  • Case Study: Atmos International Portable Tightness Monitor
    Since 2000 (Atmos) has been supplying tightness monitoring systems for jet fuel pipelines and airport hydrant systems across the world. BVM initially engaged with them to update the current PC and HMI technology with its Atmos Portable Tightness Monitor (APTM) product for leak detection around airport fuel hydrants
  • Case Study: Aerospace – Peli Case Portable Electrical Test System
    Here at BVM, we work on a wide range of projects, applying a range of expertise. Here we discuss our design and manufacture of a Peli case system, highlighting the challenge and our solution
  • Case Study: Custom Medical Panel PC – Endoscope Hygiene & Cleaning
    Custom Medical Panel PC for Endoscope Hygiene & Cleaning Processes. Mini-ITX solution, incorporated into a chassis with 15” TFT with 5 wire resistive touch-screen to provide a slim-line profile Panel PC.
  • Case Study: Road Traffic Control – Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
    Our client provides traffic and parking systems for the intelligent monitoring and maintaining of free flowing traffic around bus lanes, yellow box junctions and red routes for towns and cities across the UK and USA.
  • Case Study: Surveillance – Forensic Data Capture Peli Case PC
    A portable system that could be used by police and military customers to interrogate mobile phones and data cards for evidence collection purposes.

We like to make life easier ….

Our technical & commercial team members will always provide you with valuable but impartial advice around the products and services that BVM supplies. With their collective backgrounds, they’ll provide you with the benefit of their knowledge and experiences when & where you need it. We’ll always help you in the first instance and get back to you when additional information is required.

You can either call us directly on +(0) 1489 780 144 and talk to one of the team – or E-mail us at sales@bvmltd.co.uk – or use the contact form on our website

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