Case Study: Atmos International Portable Tightness Monitor

Case Study: Atmos International Portable Tightness Monitor
Atmos International Portable Tightness Monitor


Since 2000 (Atmos) has been supplying tightness monitoring systems for jet fuel pipelines and airport hydrant systems across the world. BVM initially engaged with them to update the current PC and HMI technology with its Atmos Portable Tightness Monitor (APTM) product for leak detection around airport fuel hydrants.

Case Study: Atmos International Portable Tightness Monitor

Hydrant leaks can have serious consequences such as fuel contamination, damage to people, property, the environment and lost revenue. A sensitive leak detection system is needed to rigorously test hydrants in accordance with best engineering practices – and in the shortest time possible, to minimize disruption of flight operations in both commercial and military airports.

The Challenge

With what became apparent through further discussions with Atmos was that not only did the current level of technology for the PC/HMI need updating, but that overall assembly and internal accessibility of the (APTM) for infield serviceability access needed improving too. The overall solution was to remain being contained within a PELI™ case to retain its portability – so the additional challenge was to provide all the required features & functionality of the APTM in a limited spatial environment.

Our Solution

Due to obsolescence of the previous ‘drop in’ 8.4” panel mount PC solution and no subsequent follow on product to provide for a continuation to allow similar drop in PC solution, BVM incorporated a separate 10.4” XGA TFT display, pre-bonded with a resistive 5 wire touchscreen housed within a fascia, with a rear mounted single board computer utilsing an Intel Apollo Lake N3350 processor to drive the PC and run our clients application in a Windows 10 IoT embedded operating system environment. Inclusion of separate TFT/touchscreen and single board computer was also provided to further safeguard against future obsolescence of constituent components and ensure better longevity of the overall product.

Additionally, the APTM was re-designed for ease of manufacturing assembly – and in particular, for ease of internal access via our clients engineering personnel during in field use for serviceability. The unit was provided with means for connectivity via WiFi, and cellular connectivity for remote working via a 4G modem.

The whole system was housed in a iM2300 PELI™ case to provide and maintain IP65 ingress protection – whilst maintaining a thermally designed solution via the inclusion of internal vented bezels to allow airflow to keep the temperature of the system down.

Value to Atmos

Atmos now has an updated solution that incorporates a larger sized touch screen, upgraded performance around the PC, improved external ingress protection,  more aesthetically pleasing internal fascia to facilitate specific switching functionality of the APTM and improved access for field servicing. Meaning that its end customers have a better user experience and use the solution more effectively.

Fact file

The first 10 x systems have been provided to allow Atmos to support in providing a cost-effective testing solution – to that of the alternative in retrofitting the appropriate instrumentation and automation needed to test hydrants in airports that lack a fixed leak test installation. The solution is convenient, meaning an operator can perform a test within 15 minutes from set-up at any time which can be contributory towards maintaining regulatory compliance.

Atmos APTM at Atlanta Airport
Atmos APTM at  Keflavik International Airport

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