Case Study: Arcade Loyalty Systems


Playsafe Monitoring is a leading supplier of back office software and equipment for gaming arcade owners and operators of amusement arcades. Its loyalty terminal is one of its most popular products, enabling operators to run member promotions, offer loyalty bonuses, run mystery jackpot games and monitor members’ activity and target advertising. A mid-life upgrade was needed to overcome issues of modules that had become obsolete since the system’s original development.

BVM re-engineered the heart of the Kiosk, the computer and HMI touch screen into a drop-in modular replacement for the previous version. The new units, based on one of BVM’s extensive family of embedded PCs, provides vastly increased computing power combined with much educed power consumption and heat generation. The extensive I/O capability and enhanced capabilities of the BVM unit enables the unit to provide more options for the control of the flashing light arrays and stereo sound system. The higher resolution 17″ touch screen improves the user experience and the on-board video driver gives higher resolution and greater colour depth.

The BVM modular assembly, optimised for manufacturability, is a cost effective replacement for the original units whilst providing a welcome performance boost; it is also simple to install in the field, reducing the upgrade costs even further.

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