Off-the-shelf and reliable System-On-Modules that include COM Express Mini, COM Express Compact, COM Express Basic, and Qseven based on the latest Intel, AMD, and ARM platforms.

  • COM Express Compact

    COM Express Compact (8)

    COM Express Compact module is designed with computing capability and cost efficiency in a compact form factor with a footprint of 95 x 95 mm, making it the best option for transportation and defense applications. DFI's Compact modules are available with COM Express pin-out Type 2 and Type 6.
  • COM Express Mini

    COM Express Mini (8)

    COM Express Mini module delivers high performance on a small footprint, which features a 55 x 84 mm size. It is ideal for space-limited, power-saving, and mobile applications. Ultra-small modules are available with COM Express pin-out Type 10.
  • COM Express Basic

    COM Express Basic (21)

    COM Express Basic module provides high-level processing performance and high-speed interfaces for a wide range of computing-demand applications such as medical and industrial automation. Basic modules are compatible with COM Express pin-out Type 2, Type 6, and Type 7.
  • Qseven Modules

    Qseven Modules (11)

    Qseven is equipped with fast serial interfaces in an ultra-small form factor with a measurement of just 70 x 70 mm. It is much smaller than other system-on-modules, which makes it an ideal solution for space-limited and low power applications.
  • Carrier Boards

    Carrier Boards (19)

    Carrier board (also known as base board or evaluation board) offers a flexible engineering development environment for COM Express Type 10, Type 7, Type 6, Type 2, and Qseven. Which helps our customers minimize integration requirements while reducing development time and cost.
  • Smart Display Modules

    Smart Display Modules (1)

    Intel Smart Display Module is for next generation commercial AIO displays and visual IoT devices. Intel® SDM provides the primary compute building block and requires an interface board on the displays or host system to complete platform implementation and provide standard end user physical interfaces.