Have you seen our new range of Dascom “in-vehicle” and mobile printers…..?

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BVM Limited can now provide you with a range of thermal printers from Tally Dascom for your mobile and vehicle-based applications.

Dascom is well known as a manufacturer of Dot-matrix printers and has an excellent reputation for quality and reliability. If you are of a certain age, you may remember the Tally Dascom pin-feed printers and the reems of green and white printed paper that concertinaed below them in the print room.  Well that was all a long time ago and these days Dascom also manufacturer Direct Thermal printers that are compatible with Windows, iOS and Android.

Among the range of battery powered mobile printers available in both 3-inch and 4-inch paper widths, there are also 4-inch and 8-inch printers designed specifically for use inside a vehicle. The 4-inch in-vehicle printer is compatible with a dashboard radio DIN slot, while the 8-inch can print A4 width paper in roll or sheet form. Both can be powered by the vehicle battery and interfaces include USB, Bluetooth and WiFi, to work with all the latest mobile devices.

Whatever your mobile printing needs, please check out the range of Dascom thermal printers on our website.


DASCOM 3″ Mobile Printer DP-230L

The DP-230L is a 80 mm thermal mobile printer with long battery life, reliable performance and compatibility with Bluetooth and WIFI. It is of small weight for users to carry it with them. Its weight including the battery is only 400 g and only 111 x 112 x 56 mm in size.

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DASCOM 3″ Mobile Printer DP-530

The Tally Dascom DP-530 range allows you to focus fully on the task at hand rather than the printer being used. These easy-to-use printers make printing jobs child’s play. Although the printer is up to 10% smaller and 40% lighter than comparable models, it makes no compromises.

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DASCOM 4″ Mobile Printer DP-541

Whether in the warehouse, during distribution or in the branch business – its rugged design makes the DP-541 a printer you can rely on. Thanks to its high printing speed, large label or document print jobs can also be processed quickly, which in turn helps improve workplace productivity.

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DASCOM 4″ Mobile Printer DPV-541

Easy to use and take up little space – the Tally Dascom DPV-541 was specially developed for use in vehicles for installation in a dashboard or center console. The newly developed DPV-541 is a modern printer that allows you to quickly and easily print 4 or 3 inch receipts such as Receipts, proof of delivery or driver change and more can document.

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DP 581

DASCOM 8″ In Vehicle Printer DP-581

The DP-581 is ideal for staff who are keen to focus all of their attention on their actual duties and do not wish to worry about printers. This robust model was developed to print pin sharp, professional DIN A4 documents such as invoices, circuit diagrams, etc. and boasts a wide range of functions.

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