Powerguard: SSD Power Loss Protection from Cervoz

Powerguard: SSD Power Loss Protection from Cervoz

Here at BVM we have 30 years experience in configuring and customising embedded PC solutions. BVM realise that our standard and custom IPC solutions need a reliable storage device. Weather its the need to store an embedded operating system or to process gigabytes of big data, if you need an industrial grade, high performance storage device we have the solution for you.

Introducing the Cervoz M336 SSD Family with Power Loss Protection Technology

Cervoz’s new M336 Family is industrial storage in MLC NAND flash, available in 2.5″ SSD and mSATA form factors.

In the real industrial world, users can frequently have embedded computers installed in harsh environment with unstable power supply (UPS). Cervoz has designed the cutting edge 2.5” SSD and mSATA flash module with Power Loss Protection function dedicated for the storage of embedded computers installed in these critical applications. Cervoz M336 Powerguard Flash Module provides additional power during unexpected power loss in order to complete current flash write operation, moreover to protect firmware, mapping table integrity.

What is Powerguard power loss protection?

Powerguard is a Power Loss Protection  (PLP)  technology developed by Cervoz. The Powerguard function provides additional power during an unexpected power outage to complete current flash write operation, moreover to protect firmware, mapping table integrity.

Cervoz designs the Powerguard flash modules with additional tantalum capacitors to store these extra charges. Take Cervoz Powerguard mSATA for example, the integrated tantalum capacitors are permanently charged with 12V and maintain the power as long as data saving of the mSATA is still in progress.


Cervoz Industrial Powerguard SSD includes capacities from 32GB~512GB and Powerguard mSATA embedded module from 16GB~64GB. It is suitable for critical industrial applications, such as factory automation, machine automation, networking, server/cloud, in-vehicle, medical and surveillance.

The benefits for selecting Cervoz Powerguard flash module include

  • Better durability and stability
    The Powerguard series is designed with tantalum capacitors with wider temperature operation capability, stability in power output and greater storage capacity comparing to traditional electrolytic capacitors.
  • Various form factors to choose from
    Cervoz Powerguard made it possible to achieve PLP in 2.5” SSD and mSATA flash module.
  • Up to 40X discharge time than standard SSD
    Up to 250ms discharge time

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