Celebrating 30 Years of BVM

Celebrating 30 Years of BVM

BVM Ltd are proud to announce the celebration of their 30th birthday !

From their inception in 1989, BVM have been supporting customers with embedded computing solutions. Starting with their own VME and PMC mezzanine card solution designs (which BVM still support today), through to providing modern day IPC Solutions; Industrial Motherboards, Embedded Systems PC’s, Panel PC’s, Industrial Rack Mount PC’s, COM / SOM Modules – inclusive of producing supporting customised electronics & mechanical designs, ably assisted with their in house 3D CAD design software packages.

And it hasn’t all been about hardware; BVM have been producing operating systems, starting with the real time, process based, multitasking operating system of OS-9 through to producing some of the first embedded ports of Microsoft Operating Systems with Windows NT in year 2000 (when BVM became an embedded Microsoft partner) through to Windows, XP, WES7, 8.1 and latter day Windows 10 IoT.

BVM have been supporting customers in multitude of industries over its years, inclusive of Military & Defence, Security, Aerospace, Traffic Enforcement, Rail Safety, Medical, Nuclear Power Generation, Audio Visual  – as well as every day Industrial Automation & Control (Industry 4.0) applications.

Managing Director and company owner Rod Clarke said,

“it’s remarkable that our first 30 years has passed so quickly, I really don’t know where the time has gone. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable and gratifying experience along the way; helping customers solve (sometimes) difficult application problems makes no two days ever the same”.

“What I do know is that we’ll be continuing our support for customers in helping them with their long term future. As an embedded systems provider, life has changed a lot for BVM over the years.  For the early part of our existence, we were a product supplier with able & competent technical in-house support.  Today, we’re a systems integrator utilising the technical knowledge that we honed in our early years  – which we’ve  combined with our background in design for manufacture to now produce custom designs befitting our exact customer needs” 

Here is a small selection of products designed, manufactured and/or distributed by BVM overt the last 30 years.


BVME363 A state of the art VMEbus SBC featuring Motorola’s 68010 CPU (1989)

BVME3000 - 68360 6U VMEbus SBC with IndustryPack™ I/O - See more at: /shop/#sthash.m9jl9fDa.dpuf


BVME120 An advance 3U VMEbus floppy and SCSI disc controller (1990)

BVME227 - VMEbus IEEE488 / GPIB Controller - 3U


BVME410 Groundbreaking VMEbus Ethernet module (1990)

BVME410 - Ethernet Controller - 3U


BVME4000 An advanced 32bit VMEbus SBC featuring Motorola’s 68040 CPU (1993)

BVME4000 - 68040 6U VMEbus SBC with IndustryPack I/O


BVME3000 QUICC Communications board with industry pack mezzanines (1997)

BVME3000 - 68360 6U VMEbus SBC with IndustryPack™ I/O - See more at: /shop/#sthash.UjaL6NfA.dpuf


CPC200 A Compact PCI Single Board Computer featuring an X86 architecture and AMD CPU  (1999)

cPC200 - CompactPCI SBC with Ethernet and Graphics Accelerator


PMC100 Ethernet copper & fibre optic interface mezzanine board (1999)

PMC100FX - 100BaseFX Fibre Ethernet Controller


PMCSCU2 A PMC mezzanine module for X86 and Power PC host carriers (2000)

PMCSCU2a - Wide Ultra 2 SCSI Controller Module


LV-602 Worlds first Mini ITX SBC with Socket 370 CPU (2004)



PIMS3000 An integrated Passenger Information Management System for Railway applications (2005)

Case Study: Custom modem for railway communications - See more at: /case-study/rail-communications-custom-modem/#sthash.520gbx8d.dpuf


MP-323 Mini PCI IEEE1394 controller module (2005)

MP-323 Mini-PCI - Mini-PCI IEEE 1394a Module


WLP Series Industrial Panel PC with passive cooling (2005)

WLP Industrial PanelPC


PMCDIO32CC A digital I/O PMC conduction cooled module (2006)

PMCDIO32CC - PMC 32 Bit Opto-isolated digital I/O Conduction Cooled


Afolux Family of Panel PCs introduced (2007)

N2600 Panel PC - 7


IEM-LX80 ETX CPU mezzanine module (2007)

IEM-LX-800 - ETX - AMD LX 800 CPU Module


TSC-080 8″ Touch-screen monitor (2008)

Touch screen monitor


Sailor-12A 12″ Waterproof Panel PC for Marine applications (2009)

Marine PanelPC


LV-67D  Mini ITX SBC with Intel N270 Atom CPU (2009)

LV-67D - Intel Atom N270 Mini-ITX SBC


ICE-Fire Portable Panel PC for clinical use (2010)

ICEFire - Hand Held Tablets PC for Clinical Use


IMB-170 MiniITX SBC with 3rd Generation iCore CPU (2012)

IMB-170 Mini-ITX - Mini-ITX 3rd Gen Core i7/i5/i3 QM77 SBC


LV-67M MiniITX SBC with 4th generation iCore CPU (2013)

LV-67M Haswell - Mini-ITX 4th Gen Core i7/i5/i3 QM87 SBC


IMB-150 Intel Baytrail based MiniITX SBC (2014)

IMB-150 Baytrail - Mini-ITX Celeron® J1900/N2930 Motherboard


BVM Moved to Lakeside House (2015)

Our facility


Seiko Thermal Printers added to BVM’s product range (2017)



Afolux Gen 3 Family of Panel PCs introduced (2018)


Air Traffic Control (ATC) Custom built Ground to Air Communication Systems (2018)



Medical Panel PC – Custom built Endoscope, Hygiene & Cleaning Panel PC (2018)

BVM Medical Panel PC

The above is just a small selection of products designed, manufactured and/or distributed  by BVM overt the last 30 years. Click Here to see how we have helped many customers and their businesses.

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