Save Embarrassment use Windows Embedded

There is a lot of talk about windows embedded and whether the work it takes in porting it and the restrictions it imposes are really worth it. You don’t need to pass through many airports or shopping malls to see examples of where corners have been cut and the use of a Windows Embedded implementation would have saved embarrassment for advertisers or operators.Shopping Mall

A public display screen should always display valid data or if there is a fault a blank screen is preferable to command line prompts, memory dump information or prompt boxes. Indeed the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) is something that should be avoided at any price.

It is easy to set up a display system using a standard desktop pc and a widows operating system.  Whether it’s Window 7,8 or 10 IoT the principles are the same, but a embedded OS protects itself. So even if power is pulled at a critical time the operating system will be protected and will restart as normal. In addition error messages can be trapped and selectively acted upon without any danger of being routed to the public screen. In the age IOT it is unacceptable to have devices sitting with a prompt box waiting for input.

AirportAt BVM we have worked with a number of customers to produce a “bullet proof” environment for their application. Applications range for simple HMI interfaces to complex control systems.  We also assist customers in merging their application and final deployment.  The whole process is checked for re-starting, write filter operation, memory leak issues and application updating.

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