Case Study: Enhancing Site Efficiency with BVM’s Ruggedized Industrial PC Solution

Enhancing Site Efficiency with BVM's Ruggedized Industrial PC Solution

Maximizing Productivity with a Ruggedized Industrial PC Solution
A BVM Case Study

Introduction to the Customer

In the rapidly evolving landscape of construction, reliability and reputation are paramount, our customer, a leading provider of Biometric Access Control solutions for construction sites, is at the forefront of their industry. They offer a comprehensive platform integrating access control, time & attendance tracking, online inductions, and ID verification.

Customer Requirements

Over time, our customer faced a recurring issue with their commercial PCs deployed in the field. These PCs were prone to failures, leading to frequent site visits by engineers and costly replacements. Recognizing the need for a more robust solution, they sought an industrial-grade alternative.

Challenges the Customer Had

The PCs used by the customer were ill-suited for the harsh environments typical of construction sites, where extremes of temperatures can prevail. Despite facing numerous failures, they soldiered on, unaware of the benefits offered by industrial-grade PCs, such as enhanced durability and reliability and the extended lifecycle these systems could offer (5-7 years).

Product Supplied by BVM

After a number of meetings with both the Engineering Team’s of BVM and the customer, to address the challenges, BVM identified a suitable PC that could support the customer in their demanding application. The Jetway HB368F21 Elkhart Lake Fan less Box PCs was selected for its both its performance levels and being and industrial ruggedized PC, it offered the durability and reliability required for deployment in construction site environments. With features including wide temperature tolerance and protection against power loss, these PCs proved to be an ideal solution.

Result – a Ruggedized Industrial PC Solution

By opting for BVM’s industrial-grade PCs, the customer experienced a significant reduction in downtime and maintenance costs. The customized solution provided by BVM not only met but exceeded the customer’s expectations. Features such as a built-in modem and a customized version of the Windows 10 IOT LTSC 2021 operating system with write filter ensured optimal performance and lowered the total cost of ownership.

The roll out was so successful that after 3 months of an initial 6 months program, the customer decided to replace their whole estate (750pcs) with the Jetway HB368F21 over a 12 months period – meaning failures in the field and engineering site visits were a thing of the past.

Jetway HB368F21-6412-W Fanless Elkhart Lake Box PC: Key Features

  • Product Name: Jetway HB368F21-6412-W
  • System Type: Fanless Elkhart Lake Box PC
  • CPU: Intel Elkhart Lake SoC Processor
  • RAM: 1* DDR4 3200MHz SO-DIMM up to 32GB
  • Expansion: 1* M.2 E-key (2230, PCIe Gen.3 x1/USB2.0 interface), 1* M.2 B-key (3042,USB3.0 interface)
  • Other features: 2* USB3.1 (Gen.2), 4* USB2.0, 2* RJ45,1* Audio (MIC + Line-out), 1* Line-IN, 3* DP, 2* COM, 1* GPIO, Support TPM2.0 (option), Dimensions: 160.210643.5 mm, DC12V_60W Adapter
HB368F21 6412 W 3

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