Arestech PPC-N Series IP66 Aluminium Panel PCs

Arestech PPC-N Series

Arestech’s PPC-N Series provides IP66 protection for the prevention of dust and water and are designed to be operational in diverse temperature ranges. The Arestech PPC-N Series is also equipped to take a wide DC input voltage to ensure stability of your entire system. The PPC-N series also supports triple independent displays, allowing you to visually output different applications on separate screens simultaneously.

Aesthetically attractive with sleek and chamfered edges, the PPC-N Series will only add to the appeal of your overall system.

Arestech PPC-N Series

Summary of features

  • The 4:3 Aspect Ratio is ideal for most of the industrial automation applications
  • The LCD sizes range: 15”, 17” and 19”
  • With the same cut-out design for both resistive and P-CAP touch models, customers can integrate this Panel PC with any enclosures easily
  • Rich and versatile I/Os connectivity: with 2 GbE , 4 COM , 4 USB and 8 bits Digital I/O, it can fulfill most of the applications for industrial automation environments
  • Supports -20~60°C wide operating temperature for extreme environment operation
  • Supports 9~36VDC power input
  • Supports VESA & Panel Mountings

Arestech PPC-N Series Panel PCs

Ordering Information

Intel Core i5-8265UPPC-N158P-1A1PPC-N158R-1A1PPC-N178P-1A1PPC-N178R-1A1PPC-N198P-1A1PPC-N198R-1A1
Intel Core i5-7200UPPC-N157P-1A1PPC-N157R-1A1PPC-N177P-1A1PPC-N177R-1A1PPC-N197P-1A1PPC-N197R-1A1
Intel Core i3-7100UPPC-N157P-2A1PPC-N157R-2A1PPC-N177P-2A1PPC-N177R-2A1PPC-N197P-2A1PPC-N197R-2A1
Intel Pentium N4200PPC-N153P-1A1PPC-N153R-1A1PPC-N173P-1A1PPC-N173R-1A1PPC-N193P-1A1PPC-N193R-1A1
Intel Celeron N3350PPC-N153P-2A1PPC-N153R-2A1PPC-N173P-2A1PPC-N173R-2A1PPC-N193P-2A1PPC-N193R-2A1

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