Jetway HB368F21 Series – Four New Fanless Box PCs Powered by Intel Elkhart Lake CPUs

Jetway HB368F21 Series - Four New Fanless Box PCs Powered by Intel Elkhart Lake

Jetway HB368F21 Series: Low Powered Fanless Box PC’s with High-Performance Computing Capability

Jetway, a leading provider of industrial-grade embedded computing solutions, have announced the release of its latest industrial/embedded PC series – namely the HB368F21 Series.

The fanless box PC series is powered by Intel Elkhart Lake processors and offers low power/high-performance computing capability to meet a wide range of applications.

The HB368F21 Series comes equipped with a variety of I/O interfaces that facilitate numerous external connections and provides a greater flexibility in handling a diversity of applications. The series also feature three display and GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) capabilities providing for ease of integration with other embedded devices.

Jetway HB368F21 Series - Four New Fanless Box PCs Powered by Intel Elkhart Lake

Other notable features of the HB368F21 Series include wide input voltage range of 12 to 24V and with its fanless design, ensures a reliable, quiet operational experience requiring the minimum of maintenance

The four models in the HB368F21 Series vary in their processing power and storage capacity to meet the diverse needs of different industries. Entry-level models feature the capable Intel Celeron N6210 processor – higher performance models coming with an Intel J6412 processor; both variants support up to 32GB DDR4 memory – and all four models offer ample storage space with support for M.2 NVMe SSDs.

The HB368F21 Series is ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial automation, digital signage, gaming and transportation – and any application where diversity of temperatures need to be met for harsh operational conditions.

In summary, Jetway’s HB368F21 Series powered by a choice of Intel Elkhart Lake processors provide an excellent option for users looking for a versatile, low powered, high-performance computing solution. And with wide input voltage, a rich mix of I/O, three display ports, GPIO capabilities – all wrapped up in rugged design, the series offers both the flexibility and connectivity required to meet a diversity of industry needs.

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