Neousys Jetson Orin NX Series: The Future of SMART Edge AI Computing

Neousys Jetson Orin NX Series: The Future of SMART Edge AI Computing

Enhancing Industrial AI Systems with Neousys Technology’s New Jetson Orin NX Computers

Neousys Technology, renowned for their high-quality rugged edge AI computers, has recently launched a ground-breaking series of Jetson Orin NX Computers. These new additions are revolutionizing AI integration in machine vision and surveillance sectors.

Tailored to supercharge rule-based machine vision or surveillance systems with sophisticated AI, these devices mark a step-change in operational capabilities.

Key Features of the Jetson Orin NX Computer Series

  • Dual Form Factors: Offering both PCIe intelligent frame grabbers and edge AI computers.
  • Exceptional Performance: Harnessing 100 TOPS inference with NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Equipped with multiple high-speed interfaces including 4x 2.5GbE PoE+ and 6x USB3 ports.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to complement, not replace, existing x86 infrastructure.

The Versatile PCIe-NX150 and NRU-150-FT Series

NRU-150-FT Series: The Robust Edge AI Computer

  • In-Cabinet Deployment: Features a flattop heatsink, perfect for seamless integration into sealed enclosures.
  • Adverse Environment Ready: Ideal for use in challenging conditions prevalent in certain industrial settings.
  • Extended Connectivity: Provides an added 1GbE port for smooth communication with x86 PCs.

PCIe-NX150 Series (PoE and USB): The Intelligent Frame Grabber

  • Optimized for Existing Systems: Fits into 19” rack mounts or expansion box PCs as a half-length PCIe card.
  • Robust Performance: Maintains peak efficiency with Orin NX’s 20W TDP up to 60°C.
  • OS Compatibility: Supports both Windows and Linux host computers.
Neousys Jetson Orin NX Series: The Future of SMART Edge AI Computing

Revolutionizing Edge Inspections with Neousys Technology and NVIDIA

With the roll-out of the PCIe-NX150 and NRU-150-FT, Neousys Technology brings rugged operation, comprehensive camera connectivity, and high-level AI performance to the edge. These innovative form factors are proving to be game-changers in industries requiring edge inspections, such as factories, agriculture, and roadside applications.

“The PCIe-NX150 series and NRU-150-FT series feature innovative edge AI form factors with rugged operation, camera connectivity, and AI performance. This makes them ideal systems for enabling edge inspections in factories, roadsides, or agriculture using existing x86 infrastructure PCs,” said Kaichu Wu, product manager at Neousys Technology.

NRU 154PoE FT 1
NRU 156U3 FT 1

Diverse Application Areas for Neousys Technology’s Jetson Orin NX Series

Neousys Technology’s Jetson Orin NX computers are powerful tools for a broad range of application areas. They facilitate advanced computing at the edge, offering robust data processing capabilities critical to powering the next generation of smart systems. Below are some of the key areas where these computers can make a significant impact:

  • Industrial Robotics:
    • Automating complex manufacturing processes
    • Enhancing precision and efficiency through AI-driven decision-making
    • Ensuring consistent quality control with minimum human intervention

The integration of Jetson Orin NX computers within industrial robots transforms mundane and repetitive tasks into sophisticated automated processes. Robots can now learn, adapt, and execute tasks with unprecedented accuracy.

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS):
    • Boosting safety features in autonomous and assisted driving vehicles
    • Optimizing traffic flow and management through smart infrastructure
    • Streamlining fleet management and logistics with data-driven solutions

Jetson Orin NX computers offer the computing power necessary for ITS, aiding in the development of safer and more efficient transportation networks.

  • Machine Vision:
    • Enabling real-time image processing and object recognition
    • Implementing quality inspection systems in manufacturing
    • Supporting guided robotic systems for sorting and assembly

With the computational prowess of Jetson Orin NX, machine vision systems are more accurate and faster, making them indispensable in modern manufacturing and production lines.

  • Medical Robotics:
    • Enhancing surgical precision with robot-assisted surgery
    • Increasing the capabilities of diagnostic imaging equipment
    • Automating laboratory research and testing processes

The high-performance computing provided by these systems is revolutionizing medical care, allowing for innovations like robot-assisted surgeries and complex diagnostics.

  • Video Analysis and Surveillance:
    • Powering advanced security cameras with real-time analytics
    • Facilitating automated threat detection and alerting mechanisms
    • Integrating with smart city infrastructures to enhance public safety

The use of Jetson Orin NX in video analysis ensures security systems are proactive and responsive, leveraging AI to interpret video feeds for immediate actions and insights.

  • Agriculture Automation:
    • Monitoring crop health through aerial drones and ground-based sensors
    • Optimizing agricultural machinery for seeding, weeding, and harvesting
    • Implementing precision farming techniques for sustainable practices

Implementing Jetson Orin NX computers in agriculture fosters a data-driven approach, resulting in increased yields and resource efficiency.

Unleashing AI Potential in Machine Vision and Surveillance Systems

Neousys Edge AI Computers for Harsh Environments

NRU 150 FT Series - Neousys Jetson Orin NX Series

Neousys NRU-154PoE-FT/ NRU-156U3-FT Series

NRU-154PoE-FT / NRU-156U3-FT: This NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX Edge AI Computer series boasts powerful connectivity options with 4x 2.5GbE PoE+ ports for powering devices over Ethernet or 6x USB 3.2 ports for high-speed peripheral connectivity. The Flattop Heatsink design provides enhanced reliability in harsh environments.

NRU 52S+ - Neousys Jetson Orin NX Series

Neousys NRU-52S+ / NRU-52S Series

NRU-52S+ / NRU-52S: Designed for intelligent video analytics, this rugged series supports both NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX and Xavier™ NX modules. It features 4x PoE++ ports, offering high power budget for connected devices and streamlined data communication.

NRU 220S - Neousys Jetson Orin NX Series

Neousys NRU-220S/ NRU-222S Series

NRU-220S / NRU-222S: The NRU-220S and NRU-222S models are NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™ AI NVRs tailored for intelligent video analytics. They provide cutting-edge AI capabilities conducive to advanced surveillance and security systems.

NRU 51V+ - Neousys Jetson Orin NX Series

Neousys NRU-51V+ / NRU-51V Series

NRU-51V+ / NRU-51V: These rugged computers are built with the automotive industry in mind, featuring NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX and Xavier™ NX modules. They serve as GMSL2 Camera Sensor Hubs suitable for autonomous vehicles and teleoperation applications, where reliability under variable conditions is crucial.

Neousys Edge AI Computers powered by NVIDIA Jetson Xavier

NRU 110V 1

Neousys NRU-110V Series

NRU-110V Series: The NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ Edge AI Fanless Computers in this series are designed for vehicular use. They support 8x GMSL automotive cameras and offer a 10G Ethernet connection, facilitating real-time, high-bandwidth data transmission, ideal for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and other vehicular applications.

NRU 120S 1

Neousys NRU-120S Series

NRU-120S Series: This series features NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ AI NVR Fanless Computers geared towards intelligent video analytics. Their robust AI processing coupled with a fanless design ensures efficient operation in diverse surveillance and security contexts.

Upgrade with Neousys Intelligent Frame Grabbers


Neousys PCIe-NX154PoE

PCIe-NX154PoE: Offering a staggering 100 TOPS, this Intelligent Frame Grabber Card features 4x PoE+ ports, designed for intensive IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) or AI-powered inspection tasks, enabling power over Ethernet for simplified connectivity.

PCIe NX156U3

Neousys PCIe-NX156U3

PCIe-NX156U3: Similarly delivering 100 TOPS performance, this Intelligent Frame Grabber Card is equipped with 6x USB 3.2 ports, suited for AI inspection systems demanding high-speed peripheral connectivity to handle complex computational workloads.

Neousys PCIe-GL26

PCIe-GL26: This card is an AI-enabled 6-port GMSL2 Camera Frame Grabber, making it an ideal solution for systems requiring multiple camera inputs to process visual data with high precision and speed.


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NRU 110V 1

NVIDIA Jetson Industrial PCs

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PCI Express Frame Grabber Cards

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With support for specialized camera interfaces such as Camera Link or GigE Vision, frame grabbers enable reliable and real-time capture of individual frames or images.

Enhance machine vision & surveillance with Neousys Technology’s revolutionary Jetson Orin NX Computers.

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