Seiko Fast 3″ 24V Thermal Printer Mechanism – CAPM347


• Seiko – CAPM347 – Fast 3″ Thermal Printer Mechanism – 300 mm/s and 2M cuts – Paper width 80mm/3″ – EZOP or Automatic Loading

• Compact 24V high speed heavy duty thermal printer mechanism supports a wide range of applications, such as: Lottery, Ticketing, Parking, Point of Sales and Kiosk.



Max. 300mm/s, an extremely high reliability of 200km abrasion resistance and 2 million cuts: the Seiko CAPM347 series meets the state of the art in heavy duty thermal printing. The front paper exit structure leaves enough space above the printer for other purposes and prevents e.g. liquids from dropping into the printer. The gears are completely covered to avoid dust entering the printer.

The user friendly mechanism offers models different models: easy paper load, auto paper load as well as models for thick paper applications.

This compact 24V high speed heavy duty thermal printer series supports a wide range of applications in markets such as: Lottery, Ticketing, Parking, Point of Sales and Kiosk.


  • Max. printing speed: 300mm/s
  • Build-in auto paper cutter
  • Head open design for easy paper operation
  • Heavy duty: 200km, 2mil. cuts
  • Wide operating temperature: -20 to 60° C


Model CAPM347
Easy paper operation model Loading model
Regular thermal paper Regular thermal paper Thick thermal paper
*1 Under specified condition. *2 Use recommended thermal papers.
Printing Method Thermal line dot printing
Number of dots/line 640
Resolution (dots/mm) 8
Paper width (mm) 58+0-1 / 60+0-1 / 80+0-1 / 83+0-1
Printing width (mm) 54 / 56 / 72 / 80
Speed (mm/sec) max 300*1 300*1 280*1
Detection Head temperature By thermistor
Head position By mechanical switch
Out of paper By photo interrupter
Mark position By photo interrupter*1
Cutter home position By photo interrupter
Power supply (V) Operation voltage (Vdd) 2.7 to 3.6 / 4.75 to 5.25
Operation voltage (Vp) 21.6 to 26.4
Peak current (A) Head / Motor / Cutter 5.6 (26.4V / 144dots) / 1.2 / 1.1
Auto Cutter Method Slide type
Paper thickness (μm)*1 54 to 90*2 54 to 90*2 100 to 150*2
Cutting type Full cut / Partial cut (Leave centre point)
Service Life Pulse activation (pulse) 200 million 200 million 100 million
Abrasion resistance (km) 200*2 200*2 100*2
Paper cutting (cut) 2,000,000*2 2,000,000*2 1,000,000*2
Operating temperature (˚C) -20 to 60*1 -20 to 60*1 -20 to 60*1
Dimensions (W×D×H mm) 110.0 × 61.0 × 53.4 110.0 × 61.0 × 55.9
Mass (g) Approx. 500
Model IFM201-01UK
*3 Please see “Associated software tool” for details.
Thermal printer CAPM347
Operating voltage (V) Vp: 21.6 to 26.4
Character matrix
(H×W dots)
16 dots characters: 16 × 8, 16 × 16
24 dots characters: 24 × 12, 24 × 24
Character type Extended graphics character set,
Katakana character set,
(437, 850, 852, 858 and 1252),
User-defined character,
Downloaded character,
Optional font,
JIS 1st and 2nd level Kanji,
Special characters
Communication interface USB (2.0)
(W×D×H mm)
60.0 × 80.0 × 14.0
Software*3 Printer Driver/SDK, OPOS Driver,
POS for .NET Driver,
Linux® CUPS Filter/SDK
Model PTM20P01
*4 CG ROM: Japanese
*5 Please see “Associated software tool” for details.
Thermal printer CAPM347
Package form 144pin QFP
Operating voltage (V) Vp: 21.6 to 26.4
Vdd: 3.0 to 3.6
Input frequency (MHz) 12 ± 0.01%
Configuration C-MOS LSI
Communication interface Parallel, Serial, USB
Character type Extended graphics character set,
Other characters is available
with CGs *4 or external ROM
Character matrix
(H×W dots)
16 dots characters: 16 × 8, 16 × 16
24 dots characters: 24 × 12, 24 × 24
(W×D×H mm)
22.0 × 22.0 × 1.7
Software*5 Printer Driver/SDK, OPOS Driver,
POS for .NET Driver,
Linux® CUPS Filter/SDK

Printer Drivers / SDK

Please see for the latest drivers.



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