BVM Custom Design Services: Crafting Unique Industrial and Embedded Computing Solutions

BVM Custom Design Services: Crafting Unique Industrial and Embedded Computing Solutions

From Concept to Product: Custom Design Services at BVM

At BVM, we pride ourselves on being the trusted manufacturer behind the solutions you know. Our comprehensive suite of design, manufacturing, and associated services ensures that we can meet your unique needs, from initial concept to final product. We are dedicated to innovation and quality, continuously evolving to incorporate the latest technologies and methodologies. This commitment enables us to deliver products that not only meet industry standards but exceed customer expectations.

Whether working on a small-scale project or a large, complex system, our team of experts is equipped to provide tailored, high-performance solutions that drive success and growth for your business.

Design | Develop | Test | Manufacture

Here’s a selection of our custom computer design, manufacturing & associated services: –

Custom Design Services - Service Design to Order

Design to Order: OEM/ODM Embedded Product Design Services

Our ‘Design to Order’ services are tailored to create bespoke solutions, whether it’s a custom printed circuit board or a fully housed embedded PC assembly. We specialize in producing prototypes that undergo rigorous mechanical, electrical, and thermal verification, ensuring optimal performance before your product hits the market.

For customers starting from scratch or refining an existing prototype, we offer:


  • Custom PC Design
    • Custom Box PCs and Panel PCs
      • Design unique enclosures for Box and Panel PCs.
      • Integrate touchscreens and input devices.
    • Custom Racks and Towers
      • Build racks for custom hardware and systems.
    • Custom Peli Case PC
      • Create rugged Peli Case PCs for harsh environments.
  • Prototyping Pre-Checks
    • Hardware compatibility
      • Verify all components’ compatibility.
      • Update firmware and drivers.
    • Thermal testing
      • Ensure efficient cooling.
      • Use thermal cameras and sensors.
    • Software compatibility
      • Test software on custom hardware.
      • Conduct stability and performance stress tests.

Touchscreen Integration and Display Enhancements

  • Custom LCD Display Integration
    • Tailor LCD displays for specific applications.
    • TFT, OLED, and AMOLED technologies.
  • Integration of Touch Technologies
    • Incorporate capacitive and resistive touchscreens.
    • Provide multi-touch functionality.
  • Optical Bonding
    • Enhance clarity and Improve durability against moisture and dust.
  • Anti-reflective and Anti-glare Coatings
    • Enhance visibility under various lighting.

Custom Design Services

  • Custom PCB/Carrier Board Design
    • Design and manufacture tailored PCBs or carrier boards.
    • COM Express, Qseven, SMARC, Jetson, and Raspberry Pi form factors.
  • Custom Chassis Design
    • Metal
      • High-quality metal chassis in aluminium or stainless steel.
      • Custom finishes: powder coating, anodizing, painting.
    • Plastic
      • Durable plastic chassis tailored to specs.
      • Various materials: ABS, polycarbonate, etc.
  • Custom Components
    • Cables
      • Design and production of power, data, and specialized cables.
      • Various connectors and lengths.
    • Back Panels and Faceplates
      • Custom back panels and faceplates for enclosures.
      • Various materials and finishes.
    • Cooling Solutions
      • Custom heatsinks, fans, and liquid cooling.
      • Tailored thermal management.
    • Metal Work (internal and mounting brackets)
      • Precision metal work for internal and mounting brackets.
      • Custom designs to support components.

Software Services

  • Custom OS Image
    • Tailored software configurations for specific use cases
    • Enhanced security features
    • Optimized performance for targeted hardware

All products are Designed for Manufacture

All systems designed by BVM are meticulously crafted with a keen focus on manufacturing excellence. Each custom solution, whether a bespoke PCB, a finely tuned embedded system, or a rugged Peli Case PC, undergoes rigorous verification and testing to ensure that it not only meets the highest quality standards but also aligns seamlessly with efficient manufacturing processes.

Our commitment to “Design for Manufacture” means that every product is engineered to achieve optimal performance and reliability right from the production line, guaranteeing a streamlined journey from concept to final product delivery. With an emphasis on long-term availability and supply chain stability, BVM ensures that each design is not only innovative but also sustainable, helping you achieve lasting success in your projects.

BVM Custom Design Services: Crafting Unique Industrial and Embedded Computing Solutions

Build to Order: System Integration and Customisation Services


Customisation, Performance and Reliability.
Our 24/7 Embedded Systems never need resuscitation.

Our ‘Build to Order’ services are designed to let you focus on your core business while we handle the manufacturing intricacies. We source components with long-term availability to ensure your product’s longevity and budget compliance. Our expert team provides invaluable advice and experience for managing your product’s manufacturing process.

  • Customization: BVM customisation services can cater to your specific requirements – offering services that include integrating standard components, selecting and fitting system enclosures, and creating bespoke designs with custom electronics and metalwork.
  • Performance: Our industrial and embedded systems feature a wide selection of industrial components, including CPUs from Intel Celeron to the latest Intel Core series, as well as memory, high-performance storage solutions, and more.
  • Reliability: Crafted from industrial components, BVM systems are engineered to operate continuously, 24/7, even in the most challenging environments.

We can customize existing systems with:

  • Custom specification (CPU, RAM, I/O, Storage, RAID)
    • CPU for specific application performance
    • RAM type and amount
    • Customize I/O options
    • Use industrial-grade storage
    • Implement RAID for redundancy
  • Chassis customization & branding
    • Design custom chassis
    • Add company branding and logos
    • Ensure cooling and layout specs
  • Custom BIOS
    • Develop tailored BIOS
    • Include unique settings
    • Ensure hardware compatibility
  • Long Term Availability
  • Custom OS Image
    • Create custom OS image
    • Integrate necessary drivers and apps
    • Ensure security and compatibility
  • Custom Packaging & Branding
    • Design branded packaging
    • Include detailed user manuals
  • Hardware Integration
    • Integrate new/existing hardware
    • Ensure system compatibility
    • Test for performance and reliability

Build to Order: Industrial and Embedded Computer Manufacturing Services

BVM Custom Pelicase PC
  • Peli Case PCs
    • Ruggedized portable PCs
    • Waterproof and dustproof
    • Shockproof design
    • Custom configurations
BVM Custom Mini ITX PC
  • Mini-ITX PCs
    • Compact Desktop PCs
    • Small form factor
    • Low-power consumption
    • High-performance
BVM Custom Rack
  • Racks and Towers
    • 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U Rack Mount Computers
    • Servers / Workstations
    • Tower PCs

Custom Design Services - Service Software

Embedded Software Services: Porting, Integration & Deployment

Achieving a robust, optimized, and secure operating system requires more than just getting up and running with an embedded O/S. Our proven processes ensure your implementation is configured with considerations for flash storage, write filters, resilience to attacks, and system recovery procedures.

BVM Embedded Software Services include:

  • Windows image capture from customer storage devices: Capturing Windows images from storage devices to ensure accurate and reliable system replication.
  • Custom Windows images: configuration & deployment:
    • Configuration: Tailoring images to meet our clients’ unique specifications.
    • Deployment: Disseminating custom-built images across multiple devices.
  • Deployment of Windows / Linux / Android from custom-configured images: Deploying operating systems using images pre-configured by BVM or by our clients to meet specific requirements.
  • Linux and Android Image Acquisition from Customer Storage Devices: Extracting Linux and Android images directly from customer storage devices to enable the creation of precise system replicas.
  • Revision Management and Updates: Overseeing the revision and update processes to ensure systems are consistently maintained with the latest security patches and feature enhancements.
  • Custom BIOS Configurations: Delivering tailored BIOS configurations to meet specific customer needs and enhance overall system performance.

We can also:

  • Enable or disable specific Windows features: Customize Windows to bolster system security by turning off features you don’t need and fine-tuning functionalities to ensure better stability and performance. Learn more.
    • Disable unneeded services to reduce attack surfaces.
    • Enable security features like Windows Defender for enhanced protection.
    • Fine-tune user interfaces for a more robust and cohesive experience.
  • Manage Windows updates: Keep your system current by effectively managing Windows updates. Schedule updates to minimize downtime and ensure your OS has the latest security patches and performance upgrades. Here’s how.
    • Automate updates to ensure timely patch deployment.
    • Postpone updates during critical operation periods to avoid interruptions.
    • Review update logs to verify successful installations.
  • Embed your application within the operating system: For superior performance and resource management, integrate your application directly into the OS rather than running it as a standalone process. Keep Reading.
    • Achieve smoother operation through tighter integration.
    • Reduce power consumption and improve efficiency.
    • Facilitate quick access via system-level commands and functions.
  • Configure advanced features: Tailor advanced settings such as group policies, user permissions, and system configurations to meet your unique requirements. Find out more.
    • Set up group policies to manage multiple users and devices effectively.
    • Configure user permissions to enforce security practices.
    • Optimize system settings for specific operational conditions and needs.
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Our Embedded Operating System integration services enable you to concentrate on other critical aspects of your daily business operations. BVM can either fully develop the O/S for you or offer the necessary guidance and advice to help you create and configure your own image.

Custom Design Services - Touch Screen

Display Enhancement Services: Touch Screen Integration and Display Enhancement

To complement our custom computer design and manufacturing services, we offer display enhancement services tailored to your product’s visual and interactive (HMI) needs. Our services include:

  • LVDS and backlight cable manufacture
    • Manufacturing of LVDS cables for high-speed data transmission.
    • Production of backlight cables essential for LCD panel illumination.
    • Quality control processes ensuring reliable performance.
  • Application of anti-glare/anti-reflective coatings
    • Anti-glare coatings to reduce screen reflections under bright lighting.
    • Anti-reflective coatings to enhance display visibility and reduce eye strain.
  • Touch screen integration (pCAP, resistive, etc.)
    • Projected capacitive (pCAP) touch screen for a multi-touch experience.
    • Resistive touch screens for applications requiring single-touch functionality.
  • Optical bonding for sunlight readability and display robustness
    • Implementation of optical bonding techniques to eliminate air gaps and enhance sunlight readability.
    • Use of optical adhesives to strengthen display units and improve durability.
    • Increased display contrast and reduced internal reflections for clearer visibility.
  • FPC tail positioning
    • Precise positioning of Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) tails to ensure reliable electrical connections.
    • Optimizing FPC tail alignment for ease of integration in final assembly.
    • Quality assurance in the handling and placement of delicate FPC components.

LCD Modules

Industrial TFT Display Modules

Industrial TFT LCD Modules from 5.0” to 24”.

Bar Type Displays

Industrial Bar Type TFT Display Modules

Industrial Bar Type TFT LCD Modules from 2.9″ to 9″.

Public Information Displays

Industrial Public Information TFT Display Modules

Public Information Display Modules from 22″ – 75″

Contact BVM for Your Custom Industrial and Embedded Computer Design Needs

For all your Industrial and Embedded Computing needs, reach out to our expert sales team. With over 35 years of experience, we’re here to provide the solutions you need. Our extensive portfolio includes high-quality products and tailored services designed to meet a wide range of industry demands. Contact us at 01489 780144 or email

If an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t exist, our in-house design team can design a custom solution for you, ensuring that every specific requirement is met with precision and excellence. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current systems or embark on a new project, you can trust us to deliver superior and innovative solutions.

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Design to Order: OEM/ODM Embedded Product Design Services

For customers designing a brand-new product from scratch
or working with an existing prototype.


Build to Order: System Integration and Customisation Services​

Take an existing system and we can:

Build to order Racks and Towers, Peli Case PCs and Mini-ITX PCs

Embedded Software Services

Porting, Integration & Deployment


BVM Custom Design and Manufacturing Services: Crafting Unique Embedded Computing Solutions for Over 35 Years

We like to make life easier ….

BVM supply a wide and diverse range of Industrial and Embedded Systems.
From Industrial Motherboards, SBCs and Box PCs, to Rack Mount computers and Industrial Panel PCs. Our support teams have worked in a variety of industrial and embedded environments and consequently provide knowledge, know-how, experience and all round good advice around all BVM’s products & services when and where you need it. 

We don’t profess to know everything you need at the time – but we’ll always help in the first instance and get back to you when a little more information is required.

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BVM Design and Manufacturing Services: The manufacturer behind the solutions you know

When a standard embedded design won’t suffice for what you need, you can always turn to BVM for help and use our custom design and manufacturing services.